About Ljubljana

Ljubljana is one of the smallest capitals of Europe (pop. 293,000), but it’s huge in terms of the variety of what you can do, see and taste in the city and the region of Ljubljana. It’s never crowded – but also never boring. 50,000 university students give it its youthful appeal, and as an economic and cultural hub of Slovenia, it has a lot to offer to locals and visitors alike.

A small capital city with a big soul

Ljubljana is a city built on a human scale and one that puts its people first. The city centre has long ago banished cars to make room for more outdoor cafes and restaurants, cultural events, open-air markets, bike lanes, shopping areas… The joy of living in this city emanates from its every corner. Come and let the Ljubljana variety of dolce vita come over you.

If you’re more of an outdoorsy type, you won’t be disappointed either. Slovenians love sports, preferably outdoors. You’ll find hiking and biking paths in the heart of the city, or you can explore beyond city limits and go for world-class hiking, skiing, white water rafting and other adrenaline experiences.


Ljubljana is a city with much to offer all year round, whatever the weather. It boasts numerous sights, picturesque districts and pleasant corners.

This visitor-friendly green capital of a green country will win you over with its tourist attractions and cultural offerings. The area on either side of the river that winds its way through the old town centre, with its picturesque bridges and the central market, owes its distinctive appearance to the great European architect Jože Plečnik. Plečnik’s Ljubljana, one of the most important “total” works of art of the twentieth century, is an urban-planning phenomenon of worldwide renown.

The city centre has undergone visible changes over the past decade. It has been pedestrianised and closed to motor vehicles, promenades have developed along the banks of the river Ljubljanica and the city’s streets and green areas pulse with the rhythm of café culture. The city is filled with a positive energy that you are certain to feel.

Ljubljana is full of experiences and countless fascinating stories and legends. It is often said that the best way to discover the sights of a city is simply to walk its streets. One might even say that it is sometimes good to get lost for a while, in order to feel the authentic energy of streets, squares and riverside embankments. But so that you don’t simply wander aimlessly, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you explore and lead you to all the most important sights.
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